About KU WEI Technology

KU Wei technology from the early solar silicon material recycling, classification, processing and reuse, so far related products processing and improve the use of semiconductors, according to specifications to provide high-quality products to different customers. We have been committed to the use of materials and development, but also provides a platform for the sale, hoping to grow together with customers and thrive. Apart from creating a co-operation and sharing partnership, we are even more dedicated to reducing environmental pollution. We hope to become such a high quality product and top technology manufacturer both at home and abroad. The company's success and growth come from the customer's affirmation and support. The affirmation and support of the customer come from the company's cordial service, solid professionalism and attitude and spirit. Therefore, [people] is the company's largest asset.  By the well-trained engineers and professional service representatives, we provide the best customer service, we have since become able to become such high-quality products at home and abroad and cutting-edge technology manufacturers

Reclaim Oxide

Take the Reclaim Oxide foundry model to offer affordable, high-quality 8 "(200mm) & 12" (300mm) thermal oxide wafer

IC Fab

rocessing various types of IC Fab film, such as photoresist, oxide film, metal film, etc

Monitor wafer

he wafer used for Monitor wafer and Dummy wafer can be recycled and reused to reduce the cost of Test wafer and Dummy wafer

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